Focus on What is important

With many years in-depth and specialized experience,  we can provide  any of type of accounting services you may require – whether standard or specialized – for your organization, business or industry, so that you can focus on what is most important in your life.  

Condominium Corporations

We can provide valuable and unbiased insights to the board and the property managers in addition to the audit itself:

  • Help the board/unit owner have a better understanding of the financial situation
  • Identify what caused the special assessment and what can be done to redress the issue
  • Control higher audit fees 
  • Strengthen internal control and avoid compliance issues

Construction and Real Estate

We work closely with your lawyers and mortgage brokers to increase operational efficiency while managing risks:

  • Assist in income tax, HST, project costing and cash flow projections
  • Provide audited or reviewed financial statements
  • Recommend tax efficient corporate structure 
  • Consult on the strategy, corporate governance, processes and technology

Food, Tourism and Hospitality

As a business owner in these industries, you are already faced with long hours and harsh competitions. We can help to take off the financial burden from you with the following:

  • Set up a streamline accounting process
  • Explain to you in plain terms the financial aspect of your business, such as cash flow and inventory control
  • Ensure you are on top of your tax filings etc.
  • Manage payrolls for your employees
  • Provide audit or review services 

Investment Companies

Every investment company must have accurate and reliable accounting records since this will be the basis for taxation and planning.  Some other investment companies need to create and track projects, evaluate the viability of the decisions made and measure the tax impact of the same activity.

  • write-up your books so that you are in compliance with the CRA, with proper supporting documents and correct calculations
  • provide you with unbiased opinions on your investment holdings, so that you can rest reassured that your investments are working hard for you
  • Project tracking
  • ensure your hard-earned money flow to you in the most tax efficient way

Professional and Consulting Services

As professionals, we understand that your time is valuable and should not be distracted from the services you provide.  therefore, we can help to guide your through the key decisions such as: 

  • incorporating
  • purchase and sale, and capital gain exemptions
  • small business deductions and income splitting
  • setting up investment companies and holding companies
  • family trust and retirement planning
  • streamline your financial reporting process 
  • Payroll 

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Well-designed and implemented accounting processes translate into lower administrative costs and efforts for your organization, so that you can focus on your chosen course, carry out missions, and raise funds for sustainable growth. Count us on:

  • Streamline your financial reporting process
  • Strengthen internal control and governance
  • Cost effective auditing service

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

We understand the challenges faced by you as a small business owner. Our team can help you along the way.

Startup stage:

  • Decisions on the most efficient corporate structure
  • Business number registrations
  • Set up the accounting system
  • Set up payroll system

Growth stage:

  • Develop creative personal tax planning and compensation strategies to help owner/managers lower their marginal tax rates
  • Regular review of your financial performance and identify risky areas in the operations to help you stay in line with your overall goals
  • We can advise on creditor protection, capital gains, retirement planning, as well as providing comprehensive business advice

Wind-up stage: 

  • Decision on sale of business and estimate of tax impact
  • Succession planning and/or estate planning. We appreciate how important it is to protect your life’s work and we will ensure your legacy continues and is able to provide for you in your retirement

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